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Month: October 2016

Getting Your Child To Speak

Getting Your Child To Speak

It is every parents dream to witness their child’s first word. It is not easy to wait patiently for the child to start talking. As parents we want our child to start speaking as soon as they can but the irony is that after they start talking all we need is some peace and quiet. All is well if it’s for our children. There are somethings that we as parents can do stimulate the talking process a bit faster. Here are a few ways that I found. The only way is to give that temptation for your child to speak.

Food – Who doesn’t love food especially if someone else you know is eating your favorite food? When they do we tend to ask them to share it with us. Similarly, kids tend to ask for food when someone is eating their favorite food. Eat something your child likes in front of them without offering them anything. When the child indicates she wants some. Help her to ask you for the candy. Be it by a sign or word. Help them pronounce and those little improvements and accomplishments can be rewarded by the candy you’re holding. Visit

Pre School – Going to school helps everyone to learn, which is obvious. There will be international kindergartens in your local area where you will be able to send your child to.

If he is young you could send him to a pre – kindergarten Hong Kong. They are equipped with all the needful to help your child learn from practical stuff through pictures and games.
Limit access – Do not give everything to you child and make life easy for him. Make a home environment in such a way that the tv, food, toys, etc. cannot be used unless asked. So, that the child will have to talk and make you understand what he or she wants. Maybe put her favorite things on the high shelf for her to get it so that when she needs she will have to ask you.

Containers – Get tight containers to store things. When she asks for them directly give the container and when she can’t open the container let her indicate that she can’t get it opened and needs help.

Play – Life is all about fun and games for a kid. Kids don’t like being left out when someone is playing a game. So, try playing her favorite game or toy and wait for her to ask you to play with you. Help her to pronounce play her the name of her favorite toy. You can even use windup toys because winding up can be hard for a kid at times.

Using little tricks to get your child’s communication up and running can be great for your child’s learning progress.